This business is bursting to pop!

This business is ready to pop!
Yes, it’s Corny, and it is now for sale!

After starting in 2010, we helped revolutionise popcorn in Australia from being a product you only eat watching movies, to a must-have any-time snacking treat.  Running two businesses however, has made it difficult to unleash Corny Popcorn to its full potential.

My wife and I decided to take the slow lane so we can work together more often, and were given an opportunity to expand her business, which means Corny Popcorn is finally on the market for a quick sale. 

It would take a new owner committed with more time than me, a warehouse, and commitment to stay on track to easily expand Corny Popcorn nationwide.  It is at the point where it is ready to explode into full awesomeness!

What do you get?  The rundown…

Most people will know us from the market scene, having started out at Tamborine Mountain Country Markets in 2010, and continuing markets to this day, while cruising right through the pandemic…  

Our most notable markets include:

    • Brisbane City Markets

    • Tamborine Mountain Country Markets

    • Chandler Markets

    • Jan Powers Farmers Markets

    • Springfield Markets

    • Carrara Markets

To run markets and events efficiently, we have built a unique fully customised trailer which can handle a $13,500 day with two hard working staff – we know because we did it (5 hour event, plus prep). 

The trailer folds out to give an internal space of 3m x 4.5m, with high ceilings and plenty of shelves.  In the middle it holds a fully certified 150MJ gas blower powered kettle corn machine, with an auto-stirrer.  The trailer is fully self sufficient with an onboard 400AH lithium battery bank (equivalent to 800AHr Gel), 3000W inverter and auto-switch charging when connected to the grid.  Will run everything including lights, Square register, machines etc for three days.

The dual axle trailer also has remote drive to remote control it into difficult spots, and keep it from rolling away (chocks not required).  Fully branded, however the trailer does need a bit of tlc.  Trailer is currently used for all of our events on a weekly basis, and has retained its 5 star food safety rating from Brisbane City Council.  Currently licensed as Food Manufacturing to allow wholesale production.

We have spoken to all of our fixed market managers requesting new owners can continue trading at their markets.  As long as the new owner(s) is providing the same quality service as Corny Popcorn has, most have agreed to allow continuation of trading, with some requiring casual stallholder status in the interim.  Current markets include: Tamborine Mountain Country Markets, Manly Farmers Markets (Jan Powers), Jimboomba Country Markets, Distillery Road Markets, Tamborine Mountain State School Markets, and Jacob’s Well Community Hub.  Contacts for events, suppliers, catering customers will be supplied in a detailed spreadsheet.

That’s not all…

In 2023, we embarked on expanding Corny Popcorn into the wholesale world.  This was actually an intention to start up a bricks and mortar popcorn shop.  We spent a lot of time and money creating new products from scratch, and investing in machines to make these products, not possible in an ordinary popcorn or kettlecorn machine.  One of the results was our very popular Heavy Duty Caramel.  As you can read in our reviews, it is next level.  We have created plenty of others that are loved, but it is the Heavy Duty Caramel that is a signature product ready to take on the World.

Limited factory space, and running a second business while helping to manage a family, we have kept production down knowing we did not have enough time to produce the quantities needed.  We do not like to disappoint.  Our Heavy Duty Caramel is currently retailed in three locations on the Gold Coast, however many retailers are waiting to be able to stock it.

Key machinery included:

    • Gold Medal Mark 10 carameliser

    • Robopop semi-automatic air-popper

    • Huge cooling table

    • NEW Commercial Carameliser

    • NEW Commercial Air-popper

    • NEW Commercial Air-blown cooling table

    • NEW Commercial Glass four partition counter display (unused)

    • Gold Medal warming displays x2

    • Stainless Mixer

    • Mann (USA) high pressure kettle corn machine with auto-stirrer

    • Kettlecorn machine 150MJ kettle corn machine with auto-stirrer.  Fully custom gas system to allow it to function as a high pressure machine in a trailer.

    • Custom low-pressure kettlecorn machine, with auto-stirrer (not calibrated for the machine)

    • Epson full colour label printer to print custom diecut labels for special flavours. (smaller version also included)

    • 3x thermal printers

    • Dual Head weighing machine (big).  Second one included but not working

    • Automatic pouch packaging machine (not working)

    • Sifting trays

    • Oil dosing pump

    • Heat Sealer

    • and much more…

Other important inclusions:

    • Trademark for Popcorn Man, Corny Popcorn, Popcorn symbol, Doc Popcorn (also defensive mark), and Popcorn Shots

    • Fully functional WordPress eCommerce website, with integrated event calendar event listing.  Good search engine results.

    • Facebook Page (+6k likes and followers, 4.9 star rating from 190+ reviews, all 5-star except 2x 1-star)

    • Instagram account (+5k followers)

    • red POPCORN number plate on trailer

    • x39 related keyword domain names – including a potential add-on business ecommerce website

    • All branding in original vector format, including fonts, photos – everything. (Need Adobe CC to open)

    • Comprehensive list of contacts (clients, suppliers, events)

    • Full training, advice and insights etc.

    • Printed bags, pouches, and labels, plain cups, plain labels.

    • All stock on hand including corn, oil, sugars, flavours etc.

    • Recipes and procedures

    • Retail displays

    • Everything you need to continue trading

Some other add-ons:

    • ProPop business concept, including domain names, branding, fully-functioning e-commerce site (requires further settings to be applied).  If you have warehouse space, this will be a great addition. 
    • We also have some branded Fairy Floss equipment (branding, printed marquee, 3 machines, socials etc) for sale under the name Very Floss (  Open to negotiations on very cheap price with this add-on.