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Test School Fundraising

T.S.H.S Fundraising Example Page

Welcome to our 2023 Term 1 example fundraiser page.  We have delicious popcorn goodies for sale, and lets’s face it… who doesn’t like popcorn.

By visiting this page, all purchases made on the Corny Popcorn website will give us a nice little percentage of the profit to help us raise much needed funds for our school’s landcare resource centre.  To keep things transparent, we receive up to 30% for the items listed below, and 20% for all other items on this website.  All sales will help our fundraiser until (date: 3 months from launch).

Have fun popping, and thank you for your support!

T.S.H.S Fundraising Team

Our Fundraiser Picks

Wait... There's More...

Fundraiser Keyring

Our first 100 customers will also receive a FREE T.S.H.S Keyring, Sticker, and $10 Tuckshop coupon.*  Such Wow!  Corny Popcorn can do this without us having to break a sweat? 

*For orders valued over $50 excl. shipping cost.

This page will be customised to your fundraiser

Once your quick application has been approved, Corny Popcorn will ask you what type of content you wish to display on your fundraising landing page.  Above is a quick example.  For this we require all text, images, logos, and any other sales material you wish to use.  You can display any of our products on your fundraiser page.  We recommend no more than three to keep it simple.  We are also able to create a custom product bundle for your fundraiser, and only available for your fundraiser.  For example, we can create a movie-lovers box which may contain butterfly popcorn kernels, butter seasoning, and popcorn themed popcorn cups.  Please contact us for more information on the possibilities.

All orders are handled by Corny Popcorn, and shipped at the shipping company’s quoted price – in fact we discount the shipping a little.  If you prefer to collate all orders for one bulk delivery to you, please talk to our team as it will require extra custom setup.


What else can we do?

Fundraisers are a pretty big deal, and the aim is to keep the Fun in fundraising.  Small add-ons such as custom labels, trinkets, and most sales bonuses all add to creating smiles.  We can help customise your customers’ experience.

Do you have some keen fundraising fanatics in your school or club that love going door to door?  We would be more than happy to prepare some old-school paper forms and go into manual mode.  This option is only available in our local area of Gold Coast to Brisbane.  A smaller bulk shipping will be applied and deducted from the total sales commission.  

Of course, we have plenty of other fundraising solutions to choose from, and can also forward you onto some friends’ fundraising solutions.

Summary of the process

  • Fill out the form, or contact us to apply to become a fundraiser.  We just need to ensure the fundraiser is legitimate, while also ensuring it is the right option for you and your customers.  
  • Corny Popcorn will create a landing page for your fundraiser, which includes a “pretty” link (example: www.corny.au/test-school/ ) content you provide us, and a list of items you wish to make preferable buy options (and possible items only available to your fundraiser, for example socks).   This page will be visible and approved by you prior to launch.
  • A start and end date is agreed upon, (typically 30 days) as well as commission rates.  Commission rates are generally 20-30% of each item, but does vary on location and length of fundraiser.
  • Once launched, you can spread the word of your landing page to start the fundraising.  Every item purchased on our website by those who visited your landing page will result in you earning a commission.  Commissions can be viewed in your online portal.
  • All orders are shipped out each Monday directly to the customer.  Every subsequent order placed by that customer before the end of your fundraiser will continue to earn you commission.
  • At the end of your fundraising cycle, Corny Popcorn will provide you with a report and payout of your commission earned.  Your page may stay visible to the public, and may be modified at any time to include future fundraising notices, fundraising results, or a thank you message.
  • Once a fundraiser has been completed, you can contact us at anytime to reactivate it without needing to go through the approval process.

The default “open” for fundraising is 30 days.  Longer times including always open are available, however the commission rate will be lower.  Due to the way some search engines work, fundraising landing pages will be hidden from search engine results.  This keeps it fair for all fundraisers that are currently active.  Please allow at least 14 days to activate your fundraiser portal.