Sweet ‘n’ Salty

Sweet 'n' Salty

Corny Popcorn Sweet and Salty Bag FrontCorny Popcorn Sweet and Salty Bag Back

Our signature flavour – Sweet ‘n’ Salty.  It is what made us who we are today, from our humble beginnings as Popcorn Man® trading at local Queensland markets and events.

Known in some countries as Kettle Corn, this sweet variety of popcorn is cooked in a giant kettle with a mixture of sugar and rice bran oil, resulting in a thin, crispy sweet and salty coated popcorn that is ridiculously moreish.

No shortcuts are made when it comes to making our famous Sweet ‘n’ Salty popcorn.  We use the highest quality ingredients, and authentic ways of popping to ensure the absolute best tasting Sweet and Salty popcorn you have ever tasted.  Once you have given ours a try, you will stay well clear of powdered and dusty imitations.

  • 100%Vegan.
  • No Peanuts
  • No Tree Nuts
  • Gluten Free.
  • Contains possible traces Soy.