Box of 4 Bags (16 Litres)

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Build your own 4 Bag Box

Build your own box of deliciousness.  Choose 4 of your favourite flavours, and have it delivered to your door.  You can even subscribe to have it delivered every week, every fortnight, or once a month.  No more worrying about remembering to place orders in time.

Subscription Notice:

As this is a brand new feature, there may be some mild inconveniences popup such as reoccurring payments not happening automatically like what happened in our last test run.  We will keep a very close eye out, and if this does occur, we will be in touch and add a little bonus for your patience.  

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The Popcorn Man original popcorn offerings in the iconic 4-litre resealable bag with handle.  

Popcorn Man’s original popcorn is popped in a kettle the old fashioned way.  Originally founded on the Sweet ‘n’ Salty popcorn (known as Kettle Corn in USA), Popcorn Man has added 4 more flavours to the range including: Caramel, Ancient Sea Salt, Salted Butter, & Nacho Cheese.  

  • Sweet ‘n’ Salty
    Known in many parts of the world as Kettle Corn, Popcorn Man’s Sweet ‘n’ Salty popcorn has been the number 1 seller since 2010.  The slight adaptation to the original Kettle Corn recipes found in America give it the perfect balance of Sweet and Saltiness while still allowing the great taste of Australian Corn to pass through.  It is light and crunchy, and damn easy to scoff through a whole bag in a sitting.
  • Caramel (Salted Caramel)
    Popped and coated in a single step using the popcorn kettle, Popcorn Man’s caramel popcorn is to die for.  A thin layer of tasty caramel crunch with the smallest dash of salt certainly makes for a moreish treat.  No butter is used in the making, and this is the perfect caramel snack friendly for those who are Vegan, Dairy-Free, Nut-Free, & Gluten-Free.
  • Salted Butter
    Just like at the Movies, only better!  Well, that’s the general opinion from our customers.  Big puffy popcorn coated in a salty buttery seasoning – and get this: it is Vegan, Gluten-Free, Nut-Free, and Dairy-Free!
  • Nacho Cheese
    Think of the cheese flavour you find on Dorito’s and CC’s.  Now add that to popcorn and you have a very moreish Nacho Cheese popcorn.  For the adventurous ones, we recommend adding a sprinkling of chili powder to give it even more punch!
  • Ancient Sea Salt
    The most basic flavour we offer.  Beautiful tasting popcorn, with just enough sea salt to melt delicately in your mouth.  Depending on availability, we prioritise the salt to be Murray River Salt, however we also use Pink Himalayan Sea Salt.  Of course, this flavour is also Gluten-Free, Vegan, Nut-Free, Dairy-Free.
  • Surprise / Mystery Popcorn
    Can’t decide or feeling adventurous?  Select our Surprise popcorn and we will choose a flavour for you.  If we have special flavour of the week, we will pop that in for you :-).  If you have particular allergies, please let us know in the notes section during checkout, or via email.  If you have a preference (such as sweet popcorn, or special flavour of the week* etc) please let us know in the customer note section during checkout.  

    * We cannot guarantee availability of special flavours or requests.  If your request is not available we will substitute it for the closest matching flavour available at that time.

Shipping Notes:

Due to the large size of the Popcorn Man bags, shipping prices are based on cubic weight rather than actual product weight.  Cubic weight is calculated differently by different freight companies.  Below is an abstract from Australia Post in calculating cubic weight:
  • The parcel has a physical weight of 2kg.
  • The parcel’s dimensions are required measuring the length (L) x width (W) x height (H) in metres to calculate the cubic volume.
  • Cubic volume: 0.45m (L) x 0.28m (W) x 0.21m (H) = 0.026m3
  • The parcel’s cubic volume is then multiplied by 250 to give you the cubic weight.
  • 0.026 x 250 = 6.5kg
  • The cubic weight accounts for the space the parcel will take up in delivery vehicles.
  • The calculated cubic weight is greater than the physical weight, and therefore shipping rates are calculated as though it were a 6.5kg parcel rather than a 2kg one.

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