Heavy Duty Caramel

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Our Heavy Duty Caramel is to die for.  Big air-popped popcorn smothered in a real buttery caramel until it is fully coated, resulting in a full-flavoured crunchy caramel.

Heavy Duty Caramel is made in small batches to ensure every kernel gets the attention it deserves.  We start with the best corn in the world – Australian grown, mushroom variety popping corn.  It’s blasted (lovingly) in our super-duper hot air-popping machine where it explodes up to 45 times its original size, ensuring maximum fluffiness.

Meanwhile, our caramelising machine is slowly bubbling with our unique caramel recipe, with 100% Australian butter and Australian sugar.  Once the caramel reaches perfection, the air-popped popcorn is added and thoroughly coated so each piece carries maximum deliciousness.  We then pack it ready for you to devour.

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Weight0.35 kg
Dimensions28 × 18 × 6 cm