Bulk Popping Bundle


Bulk Popper!

This is the perfect option for those running a hotel, restaurant, small theatre, or any organisation wanting to provide freshly popped popcorn to their patrons.  15 kg of popcorn kernels (your choice between butterfly or mushroom style), and 1 or 2 pouches of seasoning – all packaged in a square rubber-sealed reusable 20 litre pail.  

Continue reading for more information on the kernel types and seasoning options (currently limited to 4 flavours in bulk packaging). 

Popping Guide

What popcorn kernel is best?

We offer two types of popcorn kernel; Mushroom and Butterfly.

Butterfly Kernel

Butterfly Popcorn Kernels

Butterfly kernels are typically used for seasoned popcorn and found at nearly all cinemas.  The name “Butterfly” comes from the shape the kernel explodes into.  Butterfly kernels are very tender, pop at a greater volume and are great at holding seasonings in between the creases. Butterfly kernels are the easiest to pop, and most domestic popcorn machines are designed to pop these.

Mushroom Kernel

Mushroom Popcorn Kernels

Mushroom type kernels pop into ball shapes making them perfect for sugar coating. The popcorn is bigger, but due to their shape, they take up less volume than butterfly. A little less tender than butterfly, but have a crunchier snap to them. They do work for seasonings, however you will find it does hold less and we recommend using a strong flavoured seasoning such as Salt ‘n’ Vinegar.

Now you know what the popcorn kernels are, you need to decide on what flavour you want.  Below is a guide to each of the seasonings we currently offer as standard.  Please stay tuned to this page as we sometimes introduce special seasoning blends for a limited time.

  • Salted Butter
    Definitely the most popular of the seasonings.  It is the same seasoning used at most movie theatres.  High salt, with a buttery accent.  
    High Yield
  • Nacho Cheese
    A robust cheese powder with spices to give it a moreish kick.
    Medium Yield
  • Salt ‘n’ Vinegar
    Strong but smooth-tasting salt and vinegar seasoning – just like you find on Salt and Vinegar chips.
    Very High Yield
  • Cheddar Cheese (White Cheese)
    A very soft cheesy flavour – perfect to mellow other flavours when mixing (such as Jalapeno)
    Low Yield
  • Jalapeno (Spicy)
    Quite a kick, but flavoursome seasoning.  Those who enjoy spicy foods will love this seasoning.
    High Yield
  • Kick’n BBQ (Bit Spicy)
    How BBQ flavour should taste.  Strong flavour with a spicy kick.  Not as spicy as Jalapeno, but most kids will find it too much.
    Medium Yield (very deliquescent)
  • Roast Chicken
    Same but different to regular chicken salt.  Roast chicken seasoning is less sharp and full of “roastiness” taste.
    Medium Yield (very deliquescent)
  • Fine Salt
    Probably the simplest.  Just salt, nothing but salt in a fine crystal that is great for coating popcorn.  Any finer and the taste will be too sharp, any courser and it will not coat that well.
    Medium Yield


Just like salt and pepper, popcorn seasonings are designed to be sprinkled onto popped popcorn.  We find it best to use a teaspoon to shake the seasoning on the easiest, no need for a salt shaker.


Both kernels and seasonings have a long shelf life if stored properly.  Cool and dry place as with most foods.  Seasonings in particular need to be stored air-tight as they will clump and harden with the slightest humidity.  Please note best before dates are an indication, and easily have another year shelf life if stored properly.

Additional information

Weight19 kg
Dimensions40 × 28 × 28 cm