Popcorn Machines

Commercial Popcorn Machines

Our experience in making popcorn with a variety of existing machinery, we have become aware in the lack of availability and quality in commercial popcorn machines.  Furthermore, most machinery is targeted towards small shops, or very large commercial factories.  Very few are viable for mobile popcorn shops, and the very few are not compliant with Australian Gas Association (AGA).

Our founder, Joe Sieben has a background in Industrial Design and is coming to the rescue.  We are currently developing various popcorn machines that are large enough for good production, but very mobile.  The machines are designed with end user in mind, and very consistent results.  Prototypes are about to go into the testing phase, and when complete production for these machines will start.  There will be two standards of machines made, notably, our fully automatic machines will feature cloud-based recipes pushed through by Corny Popcorn to all Corny Popcorn operators.  This ensures extremely consistent quality across all Corny Popcorn shops.  Anyone will be able to pop the World’s best popcorn!

Machines currently in production include: (all low electrical consumption)

  • Carameliser / Glazing machines
  • Air-popping machine 
  • Heated tumble coater for real cheeses
  • New hybrid tech popping machine
  • All-in-one mobile popping plant

Due to our move towards even better popcorn, we are no longer developing Kettle Corn machines or Kettle Corn Stirrers.  

Please note, the first machines will be for Corny Popcorn licensees only.