Our Popcorn

Our Popcorn

Popcorn Man (About Corny Popcorn to come)

Our popcorn is hand cooked fresh on site using our specially designed kettle (popcorn machine known in America as a kettle corn machine). Apart from a perfect cooking technique, it is very important to use the absolute best ingredients possible to get the most flavour and results. Popcorn Man has sourced an Australian farmer who grows our special type of popping corn (GMO Free) and we are proud to announce we are the only producers of popcorn in Australia to use this. Our popcorn kernals are always from fresh harvest and stored in double-walled bags to ensure they remain perfectly fresh!

You may be surprised to know that our popcorn is peanut, tree nut, dairy* and gluten free. We also refrain from using products obtained from animals and are therefore completely vegan. As nearly all silos used for popcorn in Australia, are also used in the production of Australian peanuts. It is hard to find another Australian popcorn product which is peanut free. We have seen others state that no nuts were added, however we feel this is unethical and potentially dangerous so please be aware.

We use what we think is the best available oil for our popcorn production. Ricebran oil has one of the highest smoke points available and does not leave a foul taste like other oils can do. As the smoke point is just above the popping temperature of popcorn, it is not converted to a nasty trans fat. Trans fat is the bad fat and unfortunately due to the Food Safety labeling requirements, it can be hidden from the nutrition labels if the producer decides to use the nutritional results from the ingredients rather than the lab results of the final product.

The popcorn that made us famous

Our signature product: Sweet ‘n’ Salty popcorn, has been our top seller from day one. As the name suggests it is sweet and salty at the same time. It sounds wrong, but it is the flavour to die for we have been told. The popcorn is glazed in a thin coating of sugar, then lightly salted using salt which does not contain anti-caking agents. It is basically a tweaked version of kettle corn (Known around the world as Kettle Corn. Due to Kettle Chips – the holders of the Trademark for the word Kettle in the grains category, Kettle Corn cannot be used in Australia… We know what you are all thinking…). Some of our customers call it honey corn or salted caramel as Sweet ‘n’ Salty is in the same vicinity of tastes. Sweet and Salty popcorn is crunchy and moreish without being too heavy on your stomaches like caramel or heavy coated popcorn tends to do. Probably the best way to explain is for you to ask for a Free sample next time you see us.

* Some flavours that contain dairy are cooked and mixed in separate machines