Our Innovations

Although the list of innovations below seems small, we feel some of these innovations resulted in significant improvement to the popcorn industry and markets in Australia.  Although frustrating at times, being copied is considered a compliment.  In all fairness, this page is mostly created for our upcoming innovation that will boost popcorn quality for everyone, and are a bit excited.

  • Renaming Kettle Corn to the now very common name “Sweet & Salty.”
  • Resealable bags with integrated handles.  Easy to carry, store, hang, and no need to use a single-use carry bag.  This innovation was created prior to the government announcing a ban on single-use plastic bags.
  • Automatic stirring device with speed control, easy access, and easy clean.  
  • Volumetric automatic oil dispenser.  Digital volume control andf accurate dispensing of cooking oil.  Integrated batch counter, volume usage, and low oil level pause/shut-off.  This device saves mess, and time as it allows the operator to press a button and walk away.  25ml accuracy – up to 3 litres per dose.
  • Custom food trailer design made specifically for popping popcorn at high turnover events.  Trailer was designed to make the most of a 3m front x 6m deep site (markets and events typically have sites in multiples of 3x3m).  The trailer’s wall folds out to give an extra 90cm of work space, giving all staff plenty of space as well as achieving massive storage space for prepared popcorn.  The first trailer also lowered to the ground by use of airbags giving a eye-to-eye customer service and increasing accessibility to those in wheelchairs and little children.  The trailer later required a big upgrade to handle a heavier load requirement and we opted for a simple twin axle configuration.
  • Deliver.Market – web-based service developed to help fellow stallholders during the pandemic lock-downs.  It allowed customers to order their favourite market goodies online by market, vendor, and or product.  Orders were automatically split and sent to the vendors prior to pickup, and then physically collected by the Popcorn Man team early Saturday mornings, boxed and delivered directly to the customer. 
  • NEW MACHINES COMING SOON – patents pending.