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We're Corny

Popcorn Man fans… Don’t fret!

Corny Popcorn is our new updated brand with extra powers and eager to take over the world with absolutely amazing popcorn – better than before.  Currently in development, Corny Popcorn will bring you true gourmet popcorn others will find impossible to match.  Our R&D team are finalising one-of-a-kind custom machinery to produce the best pop, the best coatings, and the best flavours possible.  While this is happening, you will see some changes develop in the market scene and our online presence.

Our big food trailer will slowly rebrand from Popcorn Man to Corny Popcorn.  This, our main food truck will eventually be fitted out with our specialised machinery to produce gourmet popcorn at events and markets.  We will bring in extra vendors to cater for new locations nationally.  These vendors will be operating under Corny Popcorn, or continue the classic Popcorn Man stalls.

Our online presence will also see some changes, in particular our online shop.  We can’t give away too much yet, unfortunately, there are far too many copycats out there… which is why you should look out for these key details to ensure you are getting Popcorn Man or Corny Popcorn, which are the only two names we trade under for our popped popcorn.  Both share the same social media tag @bestpopcorn, and both have the same trade-marked popcorn symbol in the logo, as well as the shape of the flavour labels.

Please keep returning to our website time to time to see the latest updates, and enjoy the construction process with us.  For further information, visit popcornman.com.au

Home of the one and only Heavy Duty Caramel!

Renowned for our Sweet 'n' Salty popcorn since 2010.

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