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Hire us!

Do you have an upcoming event? Why not make it better with the best popcorn around?  Corny Popcorn (& Popcorn Man) are fully self-sufficient, 5-star Food Manufacturing Licensed, Fully Insured for $20m.

There are multiple options available, be it our trailer, marquee, pre-popped, or even a popcorn warmer to run a popcorn stall yourself.  Please get in touch so we can discuss options and availability.

About the Food Truck / Trailer

To help you pre-plan your event area to “fit” us in, we have compiled a list of requirements and specifications to help make your job easier and avoid surprises

  • Space Required: 3m frontage x 6m depth.  Preferred 4.5m frontage to allow all awnings to be open.
  • Site: Level and even ground.  The trailer weighs at most 3 tonnes.  Height: 3.3m
  • Power: Not required, but preferred for a night or long events.  1x 15A plug prefered, but can run 10A with legal adapter.  All cords are test and tagged.  Estimated consumption at peak: 6.5A.
  • Ventilation: Due to onsite cooking, we do require some ventilation and therefore cannot operate indoors.
  • Bump-in: 40 minutes required bump-in time, prefer 1-2 hours depending on the event.  The trailer can remote control into the site space, however, the turning circle is limited.
  • Bump-out: 10 minutes, prefer 30 minutes.
  • Gas: On-board gas is fully compliant with AGA.
  • Fire: All required fire safety equipment on board and in a suitable location.
  • Food Safety: 5-star Food Safety rating – Manufacturer License (Brisbane City Council).
  • Insurance: $20 Million Public Liability, $20 Million Product Liability. 
  • Tow Vehicle: Mazda BT50 4WD.  5.5m long, 2m high.
  • Staff: Workers Compensation Certificate available.
  • Servings Per Hour: Max approx. 400 with pre-popped.  Can do more with planning.  Ideal approx. 100+ p/hr with 2 staff, 50 p/hr with one staff.

Marquee Setup (No Longer Available)

There are a few options with our marquee setup.  One has pre-popped popcorn, and the other can pop on-site.  Our printed marquee size is 3x3m, 3x6m for bigger events.  Please note when popping on-site, we will require additional space behind to store the gas bottles as required by AGA regulations.  Please note we can setup for very large events with multiple marquees and popcorn machines to cater for massive crowd numbers.

  • Space Required: min 3m front x 4m depth.
  • Site: Level and even ground.
  • Power: 1x 10A 
  • Ventilation: Only for on-site cooking do we require enough ventilation.
  • Bump-in: 3o minutes for a pre-popped stall, 1 hour for an on-site cooking stall.
  • Bump-out: 30 minutes for a pre-popped stall, and 1 hour for an on-site cooking stall.
  • Gas: Fully AGA compliant.
  • Fire: All required fire safety equipment.
  • Food Safety: Popcorn is considered low-hazard, and a food license is not a requirement for basic popcorn flavours.  All pre-popped popcorn is popped in our fully 5-star food safety manufacturing licensed facility.
  • Insurance: $20 Million Public Liability, $20 Million Product Liability.
  • Delivery Vehicle: Van – Renault Master.  5.5m long, 2.7m high. 
  • Staff: Workers’ Compensation Certificate is available.
  • Servings Per Hour: Max approx. 300 with pre-popped.  Ideal approx. 80+ p/hr with 2 staff, 40 p/hr with one staff.

Pre-popped Trolley (No Longer Available)

Do you have your own marquee and want to sell our popcorn for us?  Only have a small indoor space?  We can deliver a trolley shelf full of pre-popped popcorn. Quick and efficient.  The trolley holds approximately 300 4-litre Popcorn Man sized bags.

Popcorn Warmer (No Longer Available)

Very small event?  You can hire our big or little popcorn warmer. Perfect to reheat popcorn from our catering bags, and serve warm, fresh tasting popcorn.

All warmers are tested and tagged, cleaned and ready to go.  Fees are calculated per hire basis and subject to availability.

Looking for another solution?  Get in touch now and we can work it out together