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Fundraisers for Schools, Charities, and…well… Anyone.

Popcorn may not be the first that comes to mind for a fundraiser, but since our catering bag we sold back in 2010 – it has surely proved to be a successful one.  The benefit of having popcorn as a fundraiser is the ability to offer both sweet and savoury options to suit anyone’s taste buds.  With Gluten-free, Nut-free, Dairy-free, and Vegan options available mean no one has to miss out.  Health conscious folk or those ready for a sugar rush – we have you sorted!  We are fully licensed for manufacturing with a 5-star rating, meaning our products are insured, and you can feel confident with our food-safe procedures.

A little excited?  Get in touch to see how we can help with your fundraising endeavours.

Pop’ular options

40-litre Catering Bag

The most popular option has to be our 40-litre catering bags.  A simple one-off cost that allows you to repackage or serve pre-popped popcorn and make some bucks.  Typical serving size being 500ml, our 40-litre catering bag will cater for approximately 80 people – 40 hungry people.

Pre-popped Sealed Cups / Bags / Buckets

Don’t want to repackage the popcorn?  We can arrange for pre-made cups, bags, or buckets to suit.  The benefit apart from not needing to package the popcorn is the ability to offer flavours per consumer.  Depending on the packaging and flavour, pre-popped popcorn will stay fresh for at least two weeks – longer in dry air-conditioned premises.  

Want to stand out even more?  We can also print custom labels to suit your brand or convey your message to the consumer.  All pre-popped packaging passed on to the consumer will have all the required labelling on the back which does include Corny Popcorn details.  Full white-label option is available upon request.  Contact us for options and pricing.

Have us on-site

If your fundraiser is big enough, you can also invite us to pop live on-site.  Minimum call-out fee of $770 and proportionate duration time applies, which includes the equivalent of 150x 1-litre cups.  

Alternatively, if you are running a fete or large fundraiser carnival style event, you can invite us to be there and score a percentage of our takings.  We typically work on 10-15% of takings – anything more will not be accepted as we know many stall offering more are not truely declaring their full takings.  Our 12+ years experience shows asking 10% of takings results in fair and honest site-fees, and most of the time greater income for the fundraiser.  We are very selective when it comes to attending such events, and we need to take into account estimated patronage, number of food stalls, location, and of course our general availability.

Did you know, we also offer the extremely popular Dippin’ Dots Icecream for Gold Coast based events?  Perhaps you have space for both?

For more information, see Hire Us page or send us a message.

So what are the profit margins?

Profit margins vary depending of your plan of attack.  The most popular choice being our 40-litre catering bags is also the most profitable one.  To give you an idea of ballpark profits, please see the table below:

Popcorn Cups

Pre-popped Cups

The easiest fundraising solution. Simply sell these cups of fresh popcorn at a profit!

up to 67% Profit*
  • Based on 80x 1-litre cups
  • Cost: $240 ($3ea)
  • Serves: x80
  • Resale: $5 per cup
  • Sale Total: $400
  • Profit: $280 - $80 = $200
Catering Bag

Catering Bags

Buy these huge bags of deliciousness and repackage them yourself. The most profitable fundraising option.

up to 250% Profit*
  • Cost: $60 per 40-litre bag
  • $20 for 100x 500ml Coffee Cups
  • Serves: x80
  • Resale: $3.50 per serving
  • Sale Total: $280
  • Profit: $280 - $80 = $200
UQ St Luca Campbell Place

Have Us At Your Fete

Invite us to your school fete, and get a kick-back of our takings. It's a win-win!

up to 15% of Takings*
  • Based on $2,000 sales
  • No cost to you
  • Minimum patronage req.
  • Fully licensed
  • Have the smell of fresh popcorn
  • Profit: 15% of $2,000 = $300

* Profits are estimates and can vary slightly and should only be used as an indicator.

Notes on profitability

The profit examples above are exactly that – examples of the most popular fundraising orders. You can easily play around with profit margins by changing serving sizes, increasing the number of servings for greater discounts, or simply increasing the sale price.  We do also offer other fundraising drives such as pop-at-home kits, coupons, prizes, as well as incorporating our products in hampers.

If you are considering purchasing on a regular basis, perhaps our wholesale options are better suited.