Custom themed popcorn

Custom Themed Popcorn

Custom themed popcorn available

Did you know we can create custom themed popcorn to suit any occasion?  Typically custom themed popcorn is coloured sugar coated popcorn with or without added flavours.  Our two main styles include the lightly-coated kettle-popped popcorn, and our fully-coated gourmet popcorn made in our caramelising machine.  The gourmet version being far more popular and accurate in creating the sought after theme, and allows for 80% success rate in added flavour.

Our custom themed popcorn doesn’t stop there.  We can print custom labels to fit your theme on our trademarked popcorn shape, or for larger orders we can also offer complete packaging solutions (5,000+).

Gourmet Range theme and pouch label examples

Kettle-popped theme and packaging examples

How does it work?

Due to the production limitations, we have a minimum order of 24 pouches per colour/flavour (+/- 240g per pouch).  This means if you were after two colours, there would be a minimum order of 48 pouches, and in multiples of that number if more is required. As an example, if you wanted 200 pouches of Maroon and Blue mix for the State of Origin Game, the minimum order would be: rounded (200 / (2 col x 24)) = 4.16.  Your order would have to be below the 200, at 4 x 48 = 192, or above your requirement at 5 x 48 = 240.  In some circumstances the colour ratio is not vital, and in the example above you can choose to add a batch of 24 Maroon to give you 216 pouches.

Choosing the colours:
The colour of your custom themed popcorn is quite important.  A bright red is not conveying the same message as a true Maroon if you are a Maroon’s supporter.  We strive to get the colour as close as possible to your chosen colour, however some colours are trickier than others, and the colour of the corn can also affect the outcome.

Choosing the flavours:
Probably the most difficult thing to get perfect as the high temperature of molten sugar can degrade the flavouring significantly.  We use special candy flavours, and there are certain flavours that simply disappear, while some others can become over-powering.   We can provide you with a list of flavours we know that work, yet we are always happy to dive into new flavour combos as long as you are aware it may not work as expected.

Our special pouches have a long shelf-life of 4-6 months.  We do not use off-the-shelf stand-up pouches as the shelf-life is typically halved.  Orders can also be supplied in 4kg 20-litre pails which has a 3-month shelf-life.  Customer supplied packaging cannot be packaged by Corny Popcorn, and we cannot guarantee freshness if our popcorn is repackaged into non-Corny Popcorn packaging.  Please note: Biodegradable and Vegetable / Plant based packaging allows moisture to penetrate and will make popcorn go stale or even wet and soggy.  We do not recommend this option.

Order Quantities and Lead Times:
As we often require to source specific ingredients for themed popcorn, we request a minimum of two-weeks notice before delivery.  Orders over 384 pouches requires more time and a eta will be discussed.  On-going orders welcome. 

Have questions?  Ready to make an order or after a quote?  Please get in touch to see how we can help.